The New 7mm GameKing HPBT #1912

Written by Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

I wanted to share a little bit about the new 7mm 140 grain HPBT bullet that we added to the Sierra lineup mid-year of 2012. This bullet has been a frequently asked for bullet that I have felt was also a needed addition to our wide array of 7mm bullets. From the time that I started at Sierra Bullets, this bullet had repeatedly been mentioned at the round table discussions that we have had.

When we had the bullet ready to go to the production line, I had the opportunity to work up loads in my 7mm Rem. SAUM and use it during the 2011 Missouri deer season. I found the bullet to be an excellent performer. Most shots passed through with excellent expansion and clean efficient kills. The climax was my 11-point buck. He was taken at 250 yards as he was quartering across a small opening. The bullet entered about 4 inches in front of his left shoulder at about the centerline of the neck. Later, the bullet was recovered behind the right shoulder after passing through the spine. The bullet was well mushroomed and remained intact.

If you are looking for a very hard-hitting, accurate bullet for your 7mm, try the #1912 140 HPBT GameKing. With the hollow point, there will be no tip deformation to worry about either. This design has proved to be very accurate in all of the calibers that we have it offered in, and the 7mm is no exception.

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1 Response to The New 7mm GameKing HPBT #1912

  1. Robin reichel says:

    Whyis bc decrease so much pn gameking hpbt
    Vs spt?


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