Sierra BlitzKings Put Small Dent in Bumper Coyote Crop

Written by Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

The last couple years during fall calving season on the Diamond 4 G Ranch in Benton County, Missouri, we have been plagued with a bumper crop of coyotes. A couple of the ranch hands have been shooting at them with 22 Long Rifles, with little effect, other than they now know the range they have to stay at to be safe. Now that I am finished traveling to matches for the season, I spend weekends feeding and checking cattle. I usually carry a Howa rifle that was rechambered from a .223 to a .221 Remington Fireball in the tractor, but on a 4 wheeler tagging calves, it is just hard to carry one without getting it banged up.

On Saturday, October 27, it was 27 degrees here in Missouri, so I opted to take the Honda 2 seater with a windshield. I had room to haul the rifle between the seats, so I grabbed the .221. Two coyotes (pictured below) were hanging around on the outside of one of the herds and when they saw me, they moved off to about 200 yards. I dropped the first one in its’ tracks and the second one ran about 50 or 60 yards and slowed down and looked back and it was his undoing. I was using our 50 grain BlitzKing ( #1450).

Two Missouri CoyotesTwo weeks ago, I shot 2 groundhogs with the same rifle at about 100 yards and neither one of them even moved. Four shots and 4 kills; these little BlitzKings are amazing.

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2 Responses to Sierra BlitzKings Put Small Dent in Bumper Coyote Crop

  1. roger tyree says:

    I would love to put together a varmint load with a 40 to 50 grain blitzking, but wonder what velocities could this bullet handle from a 1-8 twist barrel.


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