Wynn Anderson at the Rocky Mountain He-Man Match

Wynn Anderson in his Sierra Bullets shirt
Pictured is Wynn Anderson shooting stage 3 at the Rocky Mountain He-Man match at the NRA Whittington Center earlier this summer.

Stage 3 of the JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match incorporates rifle, pistol, and shotgun. At the far right of the course, competitors began with their shotgun, shooting four steel targets and three slug targets. Shooters had the option of shooting off-hand or using a barrel as a rest.

Moving to the left, the slug targets must be engaged again with either a shotgun or pistol. After grounding their shotgun, competitors headed towards the tree line to shoot a combination of paper and steel targets with their pistol. Shooters then moved down a hill to shoot gong-style steel targets with their rifle from two separate prone positions.

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