Sierra Supports Junior Shooting Competitors

Jim Grissom and the “Michigunner” junior competitors had another successful year participating in local and National High Power Rifle matches.  This included the Mid West Palm at Lodi, Wisconsin; the CMP and long-range matches at Camp Perry; and NRA across the course High Power matches.

2012 Michigan Jr TeamFront Row, Left to Right: Chandler Stewart, Sean Wilkinson, Hannah Gaddie, Jed Gaddie, Kevin Wilkinson, and Peter Berney  Back Row, Left to Right: Glen Shethelm, Art Curow, Jim Grissom, Craig Wilkinson, Alec Golinski, John Brooks, Jack Brooks, Colin Brandys, Levi Troyer, Ken Ebel, and Kirk Troyer

They had eleven juniors that participated in an introductory EIC match at Camp Perry, Jack Brooks was the only one of the Michigan juniors that received EIC points.  Jack earned his going through the USMC Marine Corp Junior Clinic.

After the USM Junior clinic match was completed, Jack moved all of his equipment back to his hut and returned for the pizza party that was sponsored by Remington/Bushmaster and the announcement of the awards.  Jack was announced as the high junior of those juniors that did not have any EIC points.  His high score was announced as 475-6x.  The CMP requested that Jack come over to the CMP main office for a photo.

Jack thought he had a score of 465x6x.  Before going to the CMP office, Jack returned to his hut to review his data book.  He added his scores and came up with 465-6x.  Jack then went to the CMP office and pointed out that according to his data book, he had scored 465-6x.  The CMP staff recovered Jack’s scorecard and realized that a score of 97-1x was entered for his off hand score, when in fact, Jack fired an 87-1x.

The CMP staff member thanked Jack for his honesty in pointing out their mistake.  Jack moved down to 7th place of those juniors that did not have EIC point.

All of the “Michigunner” junior team, coaches, and parents are proud of Jack for demonstrating his integrity and honesty.  Jack sets an example for all of us to follow.  Overall, the juniors had a fun time and gained valuable experience participating in the National Matches.

Sierra Bullets is proud to support junior competitors and youth shooting events.

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