Reloading Sierra’s Two Newest MatchKings in .308 Winchester – 125 & 135 Grainers

Written by Ballistic Technician Robert Treece

These newest target bullets aren’t shown in the Sierra 5th edition reloading manual (our latest).

No specific data has been compiled as of yet – expect the 125 grainer (stock #2121) to be “lumped” in with the other 125 grain data and just play with your oal; around 2.800″.

For the 135 grainer (stock #2123)-can use 150 grain data and expect to be able to bump max up from 1 to 1.5 grains for the lighter bullet, just work it up; oal with it having a boat tail, around 2.650″.

Hope this helps-good shooting and thanks for using our products!

If you don’t have the latest Sierra reloading manual but are interested in trying either or both projectiles-give us a call (800) 223-8799; we’ll try to give you a place to start, even for another cartridge if feasible!

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9 Responses to Reloading Sierra’s Two Newest MatchKings in .308 Winchester – 125 & 135 Grainers

  1. Neil John says:

    Those 125’s look useful, might help with my shoulder, which hasn’t been right since a car accident 5 years ago!


  2. John Grant says:

    Have you tried these in a 30BR?


  3. L.H. Brunner says:

    I’m looking for 115 to 135 grain bullets for the 7.62 x 40 Wilson Tactical round. Any suggestions?


    • Hello L.H. – No, sorry, we haven’t worked with that cartridge at all but can’t think of any reason why any of our 125-135 grain projectiles couldn’t be used. Thanks for considering our products and good shooting! – Robert


  4. bob wolfe says:

    I have a good friend that shoots the 135 in his 40x…I’ve seen him shoot crows @ 300+ & a chuck @ over 400 yds…I loaded his .300 win mag. ( the 40x ) w/ imr 4350 , chronographed @ 3250 fps…I only wish he would sell it to me……Paul Box helped me w/ the load


  5. Charles Sinkovits says:

    All my 30 caliber rifles have a 1 in 10 twist. Can these bullets give me good accuracy and what velocities seem to work best?


    • Charles – The 1×10″ twist works well with these bullets. There is not a specific velocity range where we see better accuracy based on the bullet. Now your individual firearms will very likely have a velocity they like better. Load development is the only real way to determine that. – Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


  6. Cecil pearce says:

    I have a DPMS Oracle AR-10 that I had been having a problem working up a load for 150-168 grain bullets that would group under 3” @100 yards. I read in a blog about a guy having the same problem,he found that his gun grouped well with 125 grain bullets so I gave the 135 MatchKings a try with 46 grains of Varget. The results were great, not one group over an inch at 100 yards average group of 3/4” Thanks Sierra!


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