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Sierra BlitzKings Put Small Dent in Bumper Coyote Crop

Written by Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant The last couple years during fall calving season on the Diamond 4 G Ranch in Benton County, Missouri, we have been plagued with a bumper crop of coyotes. A couple of the ranch … Continue reading

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What is in a Cartridge Name?

Written by Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin The cartridge you shoot has a specific nomenclature designated to it, but does it mean what you think it does? If we step way back, two cartridges come to mind easily, a 45-70 Government … Continue reading

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T’was the Month Before Deer Season

Written by Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz The phone rang and my wife answered, I could tell from the way she was talking it was a friend, then she handed me the phone and said “Jimmy.”  Sure enough, it was my … Continue reading

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Wynn Anderson at the Rocky Mountain He-Man Match

Pictured is Wynn Anderson shooting stage 3 at the Rocky Mountain He-Man match at the NRA Whittington Center earlier this summer. Stage 3 of the JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match incorporates rifle, pistol, and shotgun. At the far right of … Continue reading

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Sierra Supports Junior Shooting Competitors

Jim Grissom and the “Michigunner” junior competitors had another successful year participating in local and National High Power Rifle matches.  This included the Mid West Palm at Lodi, Wisconsin; the CMP and long-range matches at Camp Perry; and NRA across … Continue reading

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Matthew Michayluik’s First Moose Shot with a Sierra Bullet

On October 3, 2012 Matthew Michayluik of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada wrote us: “My name is Matthew and here is my first moose. I got drawn this fall for the first time. In a discussion with my cousin he said “what … Continue reading

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Fall…My Favorite Time of the Year

Written by Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks The cooler days and nights, the occasional frosty morning, the warm afternoons, and then the color changes all around. This is the time to really be outside and there is so much to do. … Continue reading

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